Monday, June 27, 2011

Hi Mom Up There in the Heavens

Helena P

She had naturally curly hair.
In the kitchen, she twirled in a circle and showed us how ice skaters don't get dizzy.
She said she has a crooked smile, but I never noticed it.
Is there lipstick on my teeth? 
Every week she lit a novena candle for us kids; all five of us. Sometimes twice a week.
Oh. And she loved ice cream.

This piece is: Mixed media...acrylic, pastels, collage and ink on canvas. I love mixed media; you can create caricatures, impressions and abstractions and just go with whatever ideas and emotions rise up, which is good because I normally have a tendency to "over work" things; I do it in creating art as well as in writing. It's best to let things go, but I often can't determine when to stop. It's a process. When I get stuck, I simply step away, put on very loud music (well, I should say lou-DER music) and dance. Moving and breathing changes everything and brings you back fresh.

Here are a couple of my favorite tunes, in my "Playlist for Painting":  "1901" by Phoenix (does dancing not make you happy?)

And "Two Shoes" by Cat Empire. (Mountain bikers obviously love this song too)

I thank my mom everyday for teaching me to be fearless. She always encouraged me to go out and see the world, and experience as much as I can in this short life. Maybe she was living through me in a way. When my sister was born and I was ten years old, we were sitting on the porch one day and she said, (with a faraway look in her eyes), "I wish one of my kids would go to Alaska; that way I could go there  someday." Sounded pretty crazy to my young ears.  I never thought of that again, but somehow she must have planted a seed, because that is precisely where I ended up. In a place where I am inspired daily by the landscape and a healthy sense of adventure. Hmm. Fate.


  1. Hi, stopped by after your comment on my blog....I have never been to Alaska but friends have and have always praised it. From pictures, it's beautiful. Love your blog and will follow...amazing what we remember when little..and you never really know where you will end up...and how some things play a big part...I have done some travelling in my life but always end up back home...never really thought of living elsewhere...but....never say never...have a great day..

  2. Hi Monica!
    That is a beautiful piece of art. I love the colors and the creative design. I like to make handmade greeting cards ~ I have also made some ATCs.
    I have never been to Alaska but hope to visit someday. Will follow your blog and look forward to your posts.

  3. Hello. I am happy to connect with your blogs...refreshing art to enjoy and ideas to ponder with you. Janette, I am looking forward to the Kindle providing color illustrations; I am sure you'll be one of the first to share this new development when the time comes! Thank you both.

  4. Lovely painting and stories about your mom... She sounds like a remarkable woman and I agree, our ancestors have planted all kinds of seeds in our genetic legacy and we often find the right time, place and conditions to let them grow, whether we are aware of it or not. The videos made me stand up, stretch my legs, and dance a little before sitting down to type this out - thanks for the lift!

  5. Genetic legacy...what a beautiful way to put it. It's almost like we have these predispositions and sooner or later they show themselves if we keep our heart and senses open. Music is my medicine; glad you enjoyed it!

  6. So....did your beautiful mother ever make it to the great State of Alaska?


  7. Yes, many times. In fact, her ashes are in Eagle River. She put it in her hand-written will so it would not be disputed, whereas my Dad rests in Flint, Michigan.

  8. Your mother sounds wonderful. Everything a mother is supposed to be, and then some. In many ways she reminds me of my own mother. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  9. Thanks, Shelly; I'm glad I found you and am enjoying the reams of poetry!