Monday, October 31, 2011

Hail, Poetry!

Listen.  And  follow word by word...the full-cast quatrain from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, "The Pirates of Penzance" Hail, Poetry!

DAZZLING, entertaining work created by designers in the M.I.T. Student Art Association's LineStorm Animation consortium, and supervised by PELL OSBORN, who teaches the  LineStorm classes. 

Recently I've been researching how to create VIDEO POETRY, and came across Pell's work. I emailed him and he warmly responded, offering encouragement and sources on the how-to's of animation. Over the years, he has guided students in creating personalized group animation projects in the public schools and at the college level on topics important to the community, such as conflict resolution, diversity and social responsibility.

Pell's breath of experience in digital technology reaches all the way back to 1982, when he founded MotionArt Studios in Boston. MotionArt  is an "association of designers, animators, and technophiles," who collectively have produced many award-winning animation projects for companies such as American Airlines, Honeywell, OceanSpray, Save the Children, and others. In 1991, while working for UNICEF in Nepal, Pell co-founded the first animation studio in Kathmandu!

"MotionArt champions animation as a profoundly compelling medium that clarifies, influences, entertains, inspires and occasionally CAUSES FIGHTS IN BARS!" 
I think Pell would fit right in here in Alaska, and I'd like to invite him to submit his work to the Anchorage International Film Festival, held yearly in December (first call for submissions occurs in June). We would love to host you in our home, Pell, should you chance the Alaskan deep-freeze, which I'm sure is quite similar to Boston. 

We are inspired.  Once again.  Thanks to Pell Osborn.

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