Monday, August 6, 2012

Nature As Art; Art As Nature

A moment of revelation,

nature as art.

Rock, root, water

My skimming impressions

engage with what is real, and

I imagine another layer, unreal.

To smell water, verdant and flush with life

To see and believe and

believe in what one sees

as it changes shape and form, I

lose faith in my fleeting perceptions.

But that is the nature of creativity,

Everything changes.

Is it an accurate photograph?

Is it a realistic painting?

What is it?

How was it created?

Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose,

how I see it.

Wood, paint, pencil on paper?

My working atmosphere is fractured.

Or is it?

Computer, Lightroom, a

manufactured palette.

Does the form exist in reality?

Or is it based purely on mental creation?

An allusion is a figure of speech that

makes a reference to people, places, events or

works of art.  It is up to the reader, or

viewer, to make a connection.

You generate your own movement.

You embody your own emotions, no

matter how daring or clear-sighted, or

satisfying or subversive they may be.

"Art is vision. The artist creates a

picture of phantasm," said Beneditto

Croce, an Italian philosopher.

In the end, art has no other end

but itself.

Art is not nature.


Art is made by man.

*All photos taken in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

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