Monday, September 3, 2012


Not the Ginsberg "howl"
not the hootin' and hollerin' howl,
but an eager craving

rippin' through spent leaves, howl

awake and wild,
 soft nerves on fire.

      An unrestrained howl,                  
     like wolves, the ground quivers under his nose, voles
  scurry in desperate directions, and

squirrels dash up trees
  in his lashing wake, howl.

A husky howl, he
shies away from water but

runs strong on slivers of fast ice

jumpin' floes, leapin' over leads
like a jack rabbit fleeing for it's untamed life, howl.

                                                                  A hungry dog howl

powerful, sleek with
a perfect stamina and a perfect gait 

to match his Top Dog of all dogs howl,
the card-carrying member and leader of a team
singin' the blues, carryin' a tune

soulful and uncivilized Howl of
All Howls.

*My dog, Quinn


  1. Replies
    1. Aw...thank you, Kaylene. Quinn can be exasperating at times, but that is the nature of high-strung huskies.

  2. oh, he's soooo beautiful! and that last photo—what gorgeous ears.

    i love howling. our lille doesn't really howl at all, but lizzi and our little miniature dachshund did. occasionally we'll hear coyote songs, too. gives me a good way.

  3. A howling dachshund!?? Ooh...sounds like a good idea for a children's picture book!
    I heard sandhill cranes this morning, flying overhead...what a lovely sound they make.