Monday, October 29, 2012

Turn Toward What You Deeply Love

Sometimes you hear 
a voice                                                                                    
through the door calling you,                                                
as fish out of water hear
the waves, 

or a hunting
falcon hears the drum's-
"Come back. Come back." 
This turning toward what you deeply love
saves you.

Children fill their shirts with rocks and 
carry them around.

We are not children anymore.

Read the book of your life, which has been given you.  
A voice comes to your soul saying,

Lift your foot. Cross over. 

Move into the emptiness of question and answer 

and question.    


What is it you deeply love?  Do you listen for that still small voice telling you to jump in, cross open your hands and receive? 

May we wake up! 
May we stay alert and be alive 
to the questions and answers and moreover, 

to the questions with NO answers. 

May we wake up to the not-knowing, 
the scary and empty white page, 

the remarkable invisible things 
we can't smooth out and pin down 
so tidily 

with our thinking minds. 

Just follow the tracks laid out in front of you,

         until your dreams




  1. Thanks to you; oh PhotoLeo...your images are stunning!

  2. Georgeous, Monica. Simply breathtaking. . . the photos in partnership with the writing. Thank you for lifing my spirits today.

  3. There is nothing more deeply satisfying than lifting the spirits of friends I care for...thank YOU, Kaylene.

  4. I found my way over from Vision and Verb and have been busily reading and looking away. I'm moved in that way that says, "Yes! Exactly!"

  5. we all know what to do but so often we forget, get way-laid; i write to remember...thanks for stopping byMaery.

  6. Questions with no answers... but most people want to know everything nowadays, explain everything, no room for mystery. It's not easy to accept I won't get answers to all of my questions.

    I believe our thinking minds create unnecessary obstacles our souls need to overcome and we can achieve a lot while opening our hands and receiving. Both of the posts I read - this one and the one at Vision and Verb - make me see you standing with your hands unfolded and listening to answers to questions we hardly dare to pose. :)

  7. Thank you for your clarity of vision, Petra. Dancing with the mystery is somewhat easier living in the natural world as nature is at once beautiful, but also frightening at times. There is always that mysterious edge.
    By spending a great deal of time in nature, my thinking mind is duly calmed.

  8. beautiful and calming. thank you for this.

  9. just lovely, Monica. I was so glad to find this in Texture Tuesday!! I come back each morning to see if there are new treasures and was delicously amazed to find yours today.

  10. Thank you for your kind words, Currie. I feel my whole world has just opened up, once I found Shutter sisters...I've always taken loads of photos, and now feel I have a connection to other women who love the same.
    Learning everyday makes life so sweet!