Monday, November 12, 2012


You wait
the great waiter
for the kids to get
home from school so you can                        
ask about their day, satisfied
they're happy as they were when
they left you this morning.

You wait for water to boil and cuts
to heal, words you can't take back
(though you wish) they would
disappear forever, no
use waiting.

You wait for normalcy and
equilibrium;  homostasis, is it called?

you wait for test results, pretending
you're not waiting by doing,
every gesture a distraction
like stuffing down food or hastily cleaning shelves and closets, the garage.

Your stomach tightens when you wait.
It's hard to breathe, and your palms
get sweaty or you feel a boiling
irritation about to erupt
You are so damn bored, waiting

for babies to be born, for
snow and ice to melt and darkness to lift
you float in suspended animation, where
it feels like nothing's happening.

You know in your heart true cultivation takes time            
that you have to wait for seed to break soil and
wounds to mend, love to grow
you have to wait for these things
in the absence of urgency, noting
there is nothing you must do
nothing you can do to
push the river, but wait.

But you are impatient by nature, you are a "doer"

You meditate everyday
for years and years and still

You loathe waiting
in anticipation
for the world to roll in at your feet.

You hope everyday to
gain wisdom.
to let things happen, let them be.

You banish from your vocabulary "I can't wait"
because you know there is danger there
in the greatest of sins, grasping

The day won't come too soon (see?)
maybe with enough faith and hard earned patience
one day you'll know, maybe
one day you'll know
You can wait.


  1. I love this poem, Monica. No waiting about this love. (Just added you to my blogroll--finally! Hope to send some visitors your Alaska way.)

  2. Sweet, Kathy. I am so grateful to be nourished by my fellow on-line writers and artists. It took a long time to find those I truly love, but well worth the wait (ha...there I go again!).

  3. Ah, I love this too.. as I too have spent a lifetime of waiting it seems.. I want more of your poetry... but I can wait, ha.

    Meanwhile, my vets group read on WNMU-FM for NPR.. stories mostly, some great poems too. I supplied a short story entitled "My Invasion of Czechoslovakia" which is mostly humorous. Will send you the podcast site when available..

    Keep up the great work, and wait for no man, ha. love, Mike

  4. Mike, I'm so thrilled to connect with you via your writings. yes, send me the podcast when it becomes available.
    I'm finding it is poetry that feeds me most at this stage in life. I'm finishing up a class, Modern Contemporary Poetry at taught by a top professor at U.Penn. So excited to go to school everyday! It's profound that today, due to internet, we can take classes (no grades) on any subject you can image from universities around the world. Cheers, friend!

  5. I also highlighted your blog on FB yesterday. :)

  6. From one poet to another...VERY well said. Simple phrases/statements sooo true -- so confronting, yet so comforting and almost encouraging -- sooo revealing. Thank you for taking the time to put so much thought into your writing, Monica. I have waited to see such quality, and it truly IS worth the wait...thank you :~) Kathy

  7. i am in love with that great waiter up there. superb photos.

  8. I know; he is so funny; he waits so astutely, waits for me to catch up to him. What a lesson!

  9. I hate waiting and if I can choose another way - like walking instead of waiting for a bus if the distance is not excessive - I do. But sometimes you must wait and then the time comes to arm yourself with patience, there is no other way. As you say, the river can't be pushed and there are things worthy of waiting.

  10. Well said, Petra. It's probably the reason I've practiced yoga and meditation for so many years; the practice teaches me to notice my impatience and bring it to light; and then, get on with it.

  11. This is so beautiful ~ the words and the images!

  12. Windrock...hey, you've created a new it!
    Thank you for tuning in.