Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Warm Christmas

Christmas on the Coast from monica devine on Vimeo.

Persimmons, birds-of-paradise green and blue, lovely Pacific breezes.

Christmas in a warm place, where flowers are in bloom, and

the air is sweet and mild.

Long conversations, walks on the beach.

It is a "summery" winter for us who hail from a cold northern latitude.

We drink fine wine, cook a big turkey. Take off our heavy coats and

turn our faces to the sun, content, grateful, full-hearted.


  1. WOW..such a different visual and view on Christmas. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you and yours all the best for this up and coming new year.

  2. And yet...Christmas doesn't quite feel like Christmas without snow. Best to you in the new year, Marcie.
    May the year unfold as your soul intended.

  3. It was so special to get to spend the holidays with your wonderful family. I felt so lucky to all be together sharing exciting stories, delicious food and of course countless laughs. Can't wait to see you guys in your incredible backyard! Sending love. - Nora

  4. Yay...you're coming to Alaska with all the boys! This was a memorable Christmas...so much fun; great to meet everyone and just hang out. Thank you, and loves to you, Dan, and Amy and Danny. Can't think of better company!