Monday, February 18, 2013

Negative Rays

    Color is a sort of medicine;                                           

when the sky is blue, we stay...but

when the sky is exhausted, turns ashy

& dull gray

we turn away.

some would call it a gray-out

those endless never-

go-away days of split-tones & 

 washed-out faded displays

This is how the winter's land speaks here 

and to fix the blue in place 

is to look away

from the plain truth of the day, and those       

sad & mousey-pale grays.

Exactly when is it we become a color

between black and white?

To the long and arduous snow: 

humbly you are accepted, you & 

your unwavering allegiance

to non-color and gray. 

You don't take credit for the trials

you create, trials that dig deep holes 

in our psyches, nor

do you care of the civilized sun 

that glints black stones, 

brightens our faces

and takes no prisoners, away.


  1. The grey does not go-away,
    there is no alternative than to befriend it,
    take a different perspective to find the beauty
    of those in-betweens!

    Lovely prose & pics especially #3.

  2. embrace the day, no matter the forecast...

  3. Poems like this do make it a little easier to 'embrace the day.'

  4. No matter how beautiful black and white winters are I now want a little colour, please.