Monday, March 4, 2013

March River Walk

I walk the river discovering a new direction where                                

cutbanks have sloughed off and bending

trees lean with a weary creak

meltwater seeps up, whirlpools suck down and

everything is on the verge of 

falling in, falling off, falling apart

like that time on the Kusko

when we had to race around open leads,

roaring on the sagging ice

me holding tight your waist & leaning into

hairpin turns 

we weaved around downed timber

just on the edge of ice, oh

the water is deep there; 

the taste of air and the smell of cold, sucked

my breath away. words .

more words collected to describe

 these northern myths with clarity & precision

my river walking is 

re-writing the story, again

opening me like a new motherhood, showing clearly      

where my lines break/into/

a hopeful and cavernous space to breathe.

*photos: k. devine


  1. Each step of the way is clearly delineated in word and image.
    And what words! And what images!

    If the walk was as soul-gripping as your poem, it must have been truly inspirational.

  2. No two walks ever the same; nature is always inspirational...

  3. I love your photographs, poems, and drawings I find here on your blog! What a lovely, refreshing and original site. Thank you for visiting me today, and let's both thank Linda who is a lovely lady; a queen, of sorts, with the written word. I don't blame you for taking your camera everywhere. Capturing images, and writing words, are a necessary form of happiness in this life!

  4. Camera never lets me down; there is something interesting to note everywhere I roam...thank you, Bellezza.

  5. Amazing. I put an excerpt from this on my you credit and adding a link to your site. I hope that is ok. If not, let me know and I will take it down..or change it to be acceptable to you. Your site is awesome.

    I am Riverwatch