Monday, March 11, 2013

Southern Babies~Northern Babies

Southern Babies

Miranda is Mama’s lap baby
She chortles and coos while sittin’ on Mama’s lap      
arms flappin’, she pats Mama’s hands when 
Mama peels potatoes
and does her stitchin’
listnin’ to the radio, she molds into Mama's lap
rockin’ and singin' through the sticky August night.

Jezzie is Mama’s porch baby
She crawls around Mama’s legs and 
pulls down her stockins’, scrapin' knees 
on porch boards, she scrambles and creeps
here, there, and under Mama’s chair.
She pulls withered marigolds out of a pot
and tips over Mama’s glass, 
squealin’ and laughin’ &
pattin’ iced lemonade in a puddle.

Belle is Mama’s yard baby
She shares the dust with other kids, 
and dogs, she stomps her feet 
in the powdery dirt while
copper ants crawl over her toes.
Toddlin’ in a patch of grass, she stoops 
and pulls up slender weeds, 
flies dive 'round her head as she 
wraps her fingers 'round the wire fence
and watches sissy, Ezra

playin’ in the street.  

-(M. Devine)

Northern Babies - Eskimo Lullaby

It's my fat baby
I feel in my hood
Oh, how heavy she is!

When I turn my head
she smiles at me, my baby,
Hidden in my hood
Oh, how heavy she is!

How pretty she is when she smiles
With her two teeth, like a little walrus!
Oh I like my baby heavy
      And my hood full!           



  1. Yes! I love seeing mama/baby poems. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. You've captured Southern babies perfectly - and yet, there are echoes of my own midwestern childhood here, too. Barefooted, dirt-eating, chicken-chasing, scraped-elbow-crying... We were raised in the middle of it all, in laps, on porches and in yards. We didn't always have much, but we had what we needed.

  3. I am so glad to have found you, Linda, via your comment. Your blog is beautiful and I enjoy your writing. I was brought up in the midwest as well and we had a lot of good times playing in the fields, roller skating, riding our bikes...there was a great deal of freedom to explore and roam. Thank you for stopping by.