Monday, August 5, 2013

Find What You Love

Yesterday the leaves on the trees were clapping for you

the wind all reckless and wild-fresh 

gusting with imaginings of us, of memories

sloughed off with time yet 

lingering in papery veins.

I made a picture, dark crayons distress 

crackle paint, oil pastels?

I couldn't find a medium that fit 

or was made to last, or had the tonal values

to tell me you'd be gone  

long before the painting dried.

And so this resignation: did you catch 

the right emotions, did I offer the perfect landscape?

The voices of trees speak for themselves.

I hope one day you find what you love

and I hope one day, you love

what you find.


  1. To think that the leaves on trees could clap for us! I clap for this wind-blown poem and lovely artwork.

  2. Oh, a wind-blown poem...I love it1

  3. This seems so poignant - "I couldn't find a medium that fit..."

    I never was that enamoured of Marshall McLuhan, but there's some wisdom in his assertion that the medium is the message. It makes finding the right medium even more important.

    Such a lovely poem!