Monday, December 16, 2013


Eighteen inches of new evidence, snow

Come, walk with me said the river

Walk into my world of monochrome black and white, slow

the day is short and deep

black water strikes below, remember

skating for hours, playing out in the cold?

rocks and sand far under where water used to flow?

Take small steps while the light bends close

smell the dream of distance where water

stops its flow

Sister Winter calls my name

I listen:  oh, exuberant earth 

how sweet the pines, the silent snow 

we walk far off,  far off and away before

darkness, again, strikes down the day.

Quinn doggy on the Eagle River


  1. As always, images and words that whisk you off to a new world. Lovely.

    1. More snow beautiful. Thanks for taking a look!

  2. Such evocative words and beautifully processed images. The tints make them feel aged, and yet contemporary.

    The last two lines -

    we walk far off, far off and away before
    darkness, again, strikes down the day

    recall walking home after hours on the ice, skates slung over our shoulders, the smell of woodsmoke in our hair.

    1. yes; I lived in a small town, Frankenmuth Michigan where the town square had a wonderful pond, with small shack with wood stove. Great memories