Friday, August 22, 2014

Side roads: Marquette, Michigan

    house on Front Street, North

Side Roads

we could rent a sailboat, coast

smooth stone beaches

gorge on walleye cakes, 

whitefish in the soft shell.

we could stop at a supper club in the trees

drift like clouds,

feel boardwalk heat on our feet.

                   Suzi at the lighthouse

we could doze in screened-in porches

watch the sky topple

lightning flash on the lake,

sleep late.

                                 Jonathan, Lake Superior beach

we could push back the lace curtains

watch rain pound church steps

eat ice cream at the ore docks,

go west, turn left.

    crumbling ore docks

we could eat at an old-fashioned lunch counter,

cherry phosphates and baked

macaroni and cheese

we could hike moss covered rocks in a creek bed

climb 100 steps to a lighthouse

run the sand beaches, free.

    In front of Donckers luncheonette

we could walk the curved shoreline, obscured

fragrant of pine, 

recollecting our youth, we could leave our adulthood far

far away, and behind.

    Lake Superior, the ocean without salt, at Big Bay


  1. Lovely post. Cherry phosphates--man, that brought back some memories

    1. I know...cherry phosphates at the old Rexall drug store; part of my childhood was spent in a small farming community in Michigan. Love your photos, Mary. Couldn't get in past Type pad(?) for comments, but I sure enjoyed scrolling your diary.

  2. You could find this poet fast asleep, birch embraced sleep along the rocky shore.
    What a fantastic visit, Monica. JNB and I loved seeing you and spending time. What a gift you are.
    The Anthology is fortunate for your good company. Many thanks for your many miles traveled. xo S

  3. Sitting here with Tom Vear, who's "rig" that is. He runs this place. xo S

    1. You mean the car? It's an ad photo for Donckers; I love that place. Glad I was within walking distance. Loves to you and JB; so grateful to have spent time with you...happy trails until we meet again.

  4. Walleye. Supper clubs. Screened-in porches. Lace curtains. Mac and cheese. I lived in that world once - albeit no lighthouses. Thanks for knitting together your images and words so beautifully, and taking me there again.

    1. I love many of the old buildings in Marquette; and the old Victorian houses. Supper clubs in the pines...classic.

  5. I would gladly meet you at the supper club in the trees . . . It's such a free-wheeling spirit you capture here, even with the ache of nostalgia and the passing of time running through it.

  6. Oh well, Deborah...I was thinking I'd meet you in New York! te he.

  7. We could do so much along the curves of Lake Superior's shores and we did, didn't we? So glad to have met you in person, hugged, paused in front of a red door. Did you see the photo of all of us on Suzi's latest post? Happy to have joined you in the dream. Love, Kathy

  8. It's like a visit to Marquette. Thanks Monica! Love it.