Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's Time to Say Au Revoir (to summer)

Watery memories of summer, sun streaked and showy
the texture of perfect loveliness

the sea's desire a kind of praise
a creature of summer, herself, rounded

and full, the roll of her hips
the twirl of her hand

water, kelp, mountain, leaf
like a jazz dancer

adorned in improvisations
of quickened light and color and movement,

she glides away casually without looking back
ventures behind a moon of blue and

sways to the decaying tune of September.


  1. The poem is lovely, especially that last line. "sways to the decaying tune of September" is perfect.

    I must confess - the first photo was what compelled my attention. In a bit of wonderful serendipity, I can report that I spent a couple of hours this afternoon sanding two "fists" like that on a Grand Banks trawler. I love refinishing Grand Banks -- those long stretches of wood! - but those trim pieces do take patience.

    I love the rougher-hewn nature of this one, particularly with the lovely scenery in the background.

  2. Interesting work you do; must be in part, meditative. This boat, a Taiwanese trawler makes for lovely cruising in Prince William Sound. I have to wonder who did the original wood work; how did he live, what sorts of activities consumed his days. The long histories of captivating.

  3. This is a poem to look back on in the dead of winter, when the landscape is frozen and white ;-) Love the colors and images here.

  4. Hello Monica, I so like to read your poetry, and your pictures are really divine. Wishing you well, Sadhvi

    1. Hello Sadhvi. Thanks for taking a look. Next year, my friend Suzi Banks Baum will be bringing her book tour to Asheville. See her website: You may enjoy her creative offerings!