Year: 2012

A Warm Christmas

Christmas on the Coast from monica devine on Vimeo. Persimmons, birds-of-paradise green and blue, lovely Pacific breezes. Christmas in a warm place, where flowers are in bloom, and the air …

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The Middle West

A flyover state, Ioway                                        Bahkho-je tribe distant fields of stubbled corn, bull thistle, white tailed deer. “We’re friendly”, insular with tranquil town squares, and backroad diners that say, eat cheap, …

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You wait the great waiter for the kids to get home from school so you can                         ask about …

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About Image and Verse

Welcome to the creative playground of Image, Sculpture, Verse. My name is Monica Devine and I live in a river town nestled in the Chugach Mountain Range of Southcentral Alaska.



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