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Like failed planets and moons that
have lost their mass, I
too, have fallen
into the sun.
Amplified sunlight to the nth power
re-quires re-calibration, a separate orientation.
We, the dark ones hover
feverishly like moths
drawn to a bulb and
are stunned when
a fresh loaf of light appears,
without fail
every morning.



Who ordered all this…bright-ness?
I poke my stick into
the beach sand,
gather shells around me
and take a picture, justly
o-v-e-r  e-x-p-o-s-e-d.
At night moonlight trails behind
like slow turtles
chasing my footprints.
Light bleeds
out of reach
all of us lying in the darkness
some looking up
to see the stars.

Maui, Hawaii


0 thoughts on “I Have Fallen Into the Sun”

  1. Mahalo, Deborah. Isn't that how it goes? We are "stunned" when the snow melts, as if it never happened before; as if it doesn't occur, right on time, year after every lucid year…

  2. Well, my dear, you have landed in a most beautiful spot, it seems! I know you will appreciate each & every day of sunshine while you can ~ please soak up a bit for me.
    Hope this year continues to be bright & warm for you!

  3. Your images and poetry are beautiful…thank you for visiting my blog, and I'm happy I've inspired you to start using your iphone! Once you get familiar with the apps, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy! 🙂

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