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Water Mask (The Alaska Literary Series)

In Water Mask, Monica Devine skis woodland trails with her baby on her back, navigates sea ice with Beaufort Sea whalers and whirls two thousand feet above the tundra with a rookie bush pilot. She negotiates the death of her father, and the near loss of her family's cabin on the Copper River. Reflections on family, place, memory, work, perception and art are woven into a seductive a land that both beguiles and rejects.

Impermanence, or Memoir Note #2

Nothing changes.  The bones of the mammoth are still in the earth. -Adrienne Rich As I was reaching for the sweet potatoes this evening at dinner, I glimpsed my hand ...
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Apprenticeships…or Life Swaps?

Over 500 years ago, Leonardo daVinci spent six years of his life as an apprentice to Veracchio who was an experienced sculptor, painter and goldsmith. Veracchio had many students whose ...
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Romancing the Ski Train

 When I was a kid growing up in a small Michigan farming community, I used to love the sound of the train running through town. You could hear the whistle ...
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A Love Letter to Rivers Everywhere

  The image of the river has assumed a sacred and spiritual effect to many cultures throughout time, from the Euphrates in the story of Adam and Eve, to the ...
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Wild Cat

Staying true to my commitment to memorize a poem every month, I have chosen this one from my collection of Cabin Poems 2011. Blue Lynx at Caribou Creek It was ...
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Silence Spoken Here

I read a fascinating article recently by Gordon Hempton, an "acoustic ecologist" who for the past 25 years, has studied and recorded the vanishing sounds of nature. He says there ...
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