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Christmas on the Coast from monica devine on Vimeo.

Persimmons, birds-of-paradise green and blue, lovely Pacific breezes.

Christmas in a warm place, where flowers are in bloom, and

the air is sweet and mild.

Long conversations, walks on the beach.

It is a “summery” winter for us who hail from a cold northern latitude.

We drink fine wine, cook a big turkey. Take off our heavy coats and

turn our faces to the sun, content, grateful, full-hearted.

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  1. It was so special to get to spend the holidays with your wonderful family. I felt so lucky to all be together sharing exciting stories, delicious food and of course countless laughs. Can't wait to see you guys in your incredible backyard! Sending love. – Nora

  2. Yay…you're coming to Alaska with all the boys! This was a memorable Christmas…so much fun; great to meet everyone and just hang out. Thank you, and loves to you, Dan, and Amy and Danny. Can't think of better company!

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