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A Dispatch from Alaska  

1. Drive three hours on steep, snowy, narrow
    mountain roads.
2. Arrive. Assess the river: old                  
    ice, young ice, shorefast ice?
3. Turn propane gas tank On.
4. Start the wood stove.
5. Wait for cabin to heat up (six hrs. at 11 
6. While waiting, drive to well pump site. Insert
7. Fill multiple jugs with water.
8. Return. Feed and water the dog.

9.  Turn on shortwave; listen to weather, and live music from the Mountain Stage.     
10. Go outside. Do some chores to keep warm.
11. Nightfall. (though it’s only 5 pm). Put keys in pocket.
12. Grab flashlight.
13. Finger keys in pocket, making doubly SURE they are there.
14. Walk out to generator shed and Start (if you’re lucky, it will take on the third try).
15. Turn on the lights, start stovetop and make soup.
16. Wash dishes in tub. Throw dishwater outside in snowbank.
17. Read Gertrude Stein (scratching your head).
18. Revise Chapter 2, again.

19. Watch To Catch A Thief  on your computer. Imagine you are speeding along the French Riviera with Cary Grant.

20. Grab flashlight.                                         
21. Put keys in pocket.
22. Finger keys in pocket making
      doubly SURE they are there.
23. Walk to generator shed, turn
       generator Off.
24. Make way back to cabin door  
      in pitch black (unless the
      moon is out).
25. Put cell phone, keys and 
      flashlight next to bed (in case of
26. Turn flashlight off.
27. Meditate.

Quarreling trees?

28. Relish complete and total silence.     
29. Sleep
Next day: Will your day change in any way,
regardless of who becomes president?
Don’t let any blow torch pundit or yackety-yack friend ruin your simple, bare-and-naked
happiness. Know in your heart your vote was a true, and honest choice.
Stay warm out there.


0 thoughts on “Cabin Notes: Election Year, Nov. 2012”

  1. as always, lovely photos. i got cold reading this, but i loved it (especially the complete and total silence). ha, scratching head and gertrude stein! oh ya. and even though i am pleased with the election results, nothing could ruin my "bare-and-naked" happiness, either.

  2. Great post, Monica. The river looks beautiful, both peaceful and dangerous, it must be very cold.

    Political changes may not influence our routines much at the moment of happening but they may cause significant changes in our lives eventually. Don't you think so?

  3. OH yes, I surely do. And I couldn't be more thrilled with this election's outcome. But I refuse to let the peace within be jarred daily by accusations, insults and meanness. I wonder if anyone can ever run again in the spirit of kindness and integrity?

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