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The days are short in mid December.
You have to chase light, what little
of it is left to catch. 
But without sun there is drama, 
a pull to water and
the frosted tips of dead-still trees and bent, frozen grasses.  
At first glance, you think, there’s so much emptiness here. 
As if colorless is akin to
depression, a void wasteland. 
There is noise, daily noise not far away on a
highway of commuters. 
There are voles, scurrying under snow mounds, trying to
punch out a living here. 
Moose tracks. Your dog in a perpetual zig-zag of
ground sniffing

Hoar frost. Old wooden beams. Steel.

You wait for the thunder of a train to rummage steel tracks over the
frozen river. 
But your fingers and toes won’t wait long; the hairs in your nose
Despite first impressions, there is life in cold places.
Power. Noise.  
And silence.


13 thoughts on “Cold Blue Steel”

  1. I enjoyed the poetry, but those photos are stunning. The next to last is my favorite. There's something about it that makes me want to be there — despite the cold. And the hoarfrost is amazing. I can't remember the last time I've seen that. Years. Maybe decades.

    It's good to have your post. I've missed your work.

  2. I love that you share this writing.
    I love that you love winter.
    I’ve return to this writing repeatedly in the last 3 years. This Cold Blue Steel.
    So glad you’ve been in my spheres all these years.

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