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Sometimes I’m too busy communicating to think; sometimes I’m too busy reading about writing or reading about photography that I don’t actually DO either one. This was never so much a problem before all this wonderful, damning, radical technology. Hate-love. Hate-love. Hate-love. Huh.
To part from any further complaints, I’d like to share with you some of my photographs of our recent trip to Italy and Greece.

One of my favorite movies is “To Catch A Thief”, by the masterful Alfred Hitchcock. Tooling around the island of Kos, Greece in a dune buggy, sharing the main roads with cars on skinny mountain roads winding along an azure sea reminded me a little of “To Catch A Thief”, where Grace Kelley motors along the French Riviera in an expensive convertible with her pink chiffon scarf blowing in the wind. Hahaha! OK, no comparison there. Still…I hope you enjoy these attempts at capturing the beauty of these warm, wonderful places.








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  1. Monica~
    Love your pics – as usual. Thank you so much for posting!

    Question: What would you suggest as a reasonable, somewhat conservative, amount of money a couple should save/have to embark on an Italy/Greece trip? and how much time should one reasonably allow to get a fairly good taste of those two countries?

  2. Hi Kathy. Good to hear from you. Here's how we figure it: our plane tickets were free due to using mileage plan tickets, and when you're traveling that far, it only seems reasonable to stay awhile! Europe isn't as thrifty as traveling in Asia, but with that said: You can count on spending $100/night lodging, and $40/day for food. We always get a room with kitchenette so we don't eat out all the time. We spent 2 weeks in Florence alone, but our way of traveling is different than most. We don't like to spend 2 days in city after city, rather we like settling into a place for a while and using it as a home base; rent bikes in Tuscany, walk alot, get to know the neighborhood, etc. So we didn't go to Venice or Rome, but spent concentrated time in Florence & Cinque Terra (by the sea, 5 villages you can hike to (or jump on the train)…wonderful). Same with Greece, we stayed on one island for 2 weeks and explored it deeply…made some new friends! Whew..I could go on and on!

  3. Thanks for the info!

    Sounds like the same way we travel! We like to sink our teeth into the local cuisine and culture a bit. Greece has been on my "wish list" for over 40 years, and Tuscany was added about 10 years ago. I so envy you…in a good way.

    Our plan was to cruise Italy/Greece for my 60th (this July). But alas! Life changed course a bit, and now it looks like it may be my 65th. We'll see…I'm working on being vibrant and healthy :~)

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