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We motored out into Prince William Sound in our boat/landing craft, Tookah, with a couple kayaks strapped aboard. Only a hour’s drive from Anchorage, Prince William Sound is a boater’s paradise on the north Gulf of Alaska, with glacier-carved fjords, bays, coves, lakes, and hundreds of islands that one could take a lifetime to explore. What was remarkable on this particular trip is seen in these photos. We anchored Tookah, hopped into our kayaks and slid into Granite Bay, paddling softly. As we floated along, the stillness of the atmosphere and the way the light played upon the rocks bore perfect reflections of the rock-strewn bank, rendering what looked like totems. The rocks appeared as though they were floating… an optical illusion.

We paddled deep into the cove to its end to a freshwater creek. By the time we turned around to head back to Tookah, the light had changed, and the images disappeared. I rubbed my eyes. Did I really see that? The beauties and mysteries of nature never cease to leave me spell-bound. What magic!


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  1. Cool. Love the cloud cover over the mountains. I imagine kayaking gives you a chance to see some of these spots up close. Like hiking on a river. One of these days I mean to go tubing. That's a big thing around Bozeman. I'll need to figure out how to keep my camera dry though.

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