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These words by L. Falcone, author of “Moving Days” moved me plenty in my exploration of the art and beauty evidenced in everyday life here in Florence. “Life is for births and burials and baptisms, holy days and lovers’ days,” she says.

Linda visits her favorite florist weekly, buying bouquets for the sake of happiness. How can one not be happy in a country where a simple greeting becomes a question as lovely as, “What are you doing that is beautiful today?”

Wine, cooking, flowers, cheese, chocolate, fashion…all are developed slowly, with care and attention to creating beauty. The Italian’s devotion to an elevated quality of life is evidenced in the pace of their lives, taking their sweet time to both cook and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Restaurant portions are small yet packed with flavor, stimulating all five senses. And a proprietor who creates “slow food” is referred to as a “good fork,” as he/she crafts food with an awareness of texture and taste. No need to rush: smell and taste every bite, take time for conversation with friends and family…and indulge in a small cup of freshly made gelato for dessert.

It is said that a badly bent mood can be solved with the right fistful of flowers.
Where have you observed beauty today?

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  1. Oh Monica I so love how your heart sees and responds. Oh yes, where has one seen beauty today? In your photographs, but most deeply in your gorgeous heart!!!! Lizette

  2. Italy seems like such a wonderful place to be. Your post reminded me of a couple of movies, "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Eat Pray Love." Wish we could cultivate a similar lifestyle here…

  3. I have observed beauty today in the electric green hues of trees blooming here in the UP. Your blog is reminding me of the trip my daughter and I took to Italy, Switzerland and France a couple of years ago. It soundslike you are enjoying your time tremendously!

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