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Every year at Spring Equinox, the Alaska Railroad loads up skiers for the annual trip to Curry, an outpost 22 miles north of Talkeetna, for a day of snowshoeing and skiing. What to do on the long train ride from Anchorage that got us out of bed at such an un-godly hour??

Well, first off, people like to party. Eat, of course. And if you failed to pack enough, you can get hand-outs at every seat. Drink beers. (The youngsters still haven’t figured out the superiority of home-brewed beer).

Dance. To polka music. In the caboose, where there’s a dance floor (of sorts). Don’t forget to reward the musicians. Play group Pictionary. The theme for this year’s train ride is Games.
Skiing and snowshoeing…lest we forget the real purpose of the trip.
Thought I’d throw in one of my arty-farty photos of the flats at Curry.
Husband at the helm of the Go-Pro
Back on the train for the long ride home. 
To the many strangers who’ve become friends, see you next year.

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  1. Monica, I wanted to email you in response to the note you left on my blog — about the Dalai Lama and going to Nepal. The email link doesn't work. In brief, definitely go to Nepal, be sure you're in good shape. I've trekked a couple of times. I have more to say but it's too much for a comment here. I hope you'll email me via the email link on my blog.

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