Year: 2013


Mother’s Hand-Antonas Sutkus This is the yard where babies cry, where kites fly where a warmly tended vegetable garden grows year after every perfect year where my three children dug …

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Eighteen inches of new evidence, snow Come, walk with me said the river Walk into my world of monochrome black and white, slow the day is short and deep black …

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Knot Tying

Knot Tying Do you know how to start an avocado plant from a pit? Treat and prevent food poisoning? Can you build a successful campfire? Do you know how to …

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She served the supper guests, Falsetto’s Italiano working  long hours on her feet, ice flagging the windows a full house of wine-warmed faces, by midnight she smelled like warm aromatic …

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sweetly she sang for a swarm of us tucked into the dimly lit room sleeping snow outside, she grew still closed her eyes. when speaking softly is heard with a …

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Eklutna Lake Back in the old days when there were no streetlamps we played outside after school under a bright moon. We were just kids then and we did not …

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You look at your bewildered face in the mirror, knowing or, maybe not knowing you are powerless to decide the day, to find your keys and lock the door behind …



She is done with spreading, spreading her legs spreading brie on dry crackers, drinking wine from waxed paper cups It is true her life took shape as meandering clouds, thinly …

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About Image and Verse

Welcome to the creative playground of Image, Sculpture, Verse. My name is Monica Devine and I live in a river town nestled in the Chugach Mountain Range of Southcentral Alaska.



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