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Water Mask (The Alaska Literary Series)

An adventurous memoir that reflects on family, place, memory, work, perception and a land that both beguiles and rejects."

Red Flagged

McClennan    RED FLAGGED She hugs her baby, pats his bottom sets him on the floor, in the center, where spectators form a ring and watch. The "experts": social worker, ...
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To Breathe and Bend

M. Devine (Be) Venerated Breathe like a baby and soften Bend in the wind and feather the ground Become pliable as a young tree             ...
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My Army

You should see my favorite people, You catch a glimpse of gold through their skins. I walk on air whenever I'm with them, They're where the happiness begins. And I'm ...
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Mendeltna Music Fest

I was just driving by, on my way to our cabin on the Copper River, and saw a modest sign propped up in front of the lodge:  Mendeltna Lodge Music ...
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Women Taking Steam

  Teaching of the Sweat Lodge, A. Paquette                                             ...
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To “Summer” in the Sound

What was I doing while Husband plied the waters of Prince William Sound in his buddy's boat for 4 days? It was a trip to make repairs on the first ...
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