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Water Mask (The Alaska Literary Series)

In Water Mask, Monica Devine skis woodland trails with her baby on her back, navigates sea ice with Beaufort Sea whalers and whirls two thousand feet above the tundra with a rookie bush pilot. She negotiates the death of her father, and the near loss of her family's cabin on the Copper River. Reflections on family, place, memory, work, perception and art are woven into a seductive a land that both beguiles and rejects.


The snow kept falling and ice seized as winter pressed dark and hard Exhaustion mounted layered high as the banks of a deep river draining your strength, dry. Though no ...
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          They say when you come to the end of your life           your memory reaches back to those practices        ...
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Be Good and You Will be Lonesome

  On a visit to my brother's home in North Carolina, I came across this photo of my mom and a couple of her sisters; I don't know who took ...
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On the Streets of Portland

The Desert Room, 1950's Portland There are many reasons to dig Portland; the first being it is only a 3.5 hour flight from Anchorage, so when you live in the ...
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Constructions and Conversations

                                                           Unknown ...
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It will be summer, always

Gold Mint Trail, Hatcher Pass                          Today is not a day I will be summer, always     ...
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Welcome to the creative playground of Image, Sculpture, Verse.  I live in a river town nestled in the Chugach Mountain Range of Southcentral Alaska.



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