Too Late?

Every year he drives up from Washington parks his camper on the land spends weeks watching the clapping of leaves in the wind, how the river goosenecks in the valley, […]

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Sun. Stone. Sky

Annie Leibovitz These pastels, handmade by the late painter, Georgia O’Keefe, were colored with ingredients found in the local landscape at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Every day on

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Art’s Impulse

You know who they are. People I call “connectors.” The ones you meet along life’s path who challenge you to become your personal best, who provide encouragement in your skills

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Human artifacts poke out of the ice: a thermos of coffee, magazines, a woman’s purse, shoes, a child’s doll: intact after the plane crashed in icy blue mountains circling the

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Time and time again, I’ve had a recurring dream. I am riding my bike toward a large, Victorian house on a pleasant, tree-lined street. I stop in front of the

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Knot Tying

Knot Tying Do you know how to start an avocado plant from a pit?   Treat and prevent food poisoning? Can you build a successful campfire? Do you know how

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Welcome to the creative playground of Image, Sculpture, Verse.  I live in a river town nestled in the Chugach Mountain Range of Southcentral Alaska.



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